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How To Start A Copywriting Business? – A Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Copywriting Business? – A Step By Step Guide


Many businesses and brands can relay their business and product-related messages to prospective customers thanks to copywriting.

This may catch you by surprise, but, according to LinkedIn, 74% of users check the spelling and grammatical errors on a business website. Furthermore, 59% of visitors avoid buying any product or service from a business that makes silly grammatical mistakes.

These facts put a lot of responsibility on copywriters. However, it also offers them an excellent opportunity to set up a career in copywriting.

In its most ardent will of selling a product, copywriting is both a creative and effective professional writing platform. As a result, many individuals with the skills of words pursue a career in copywriting.

Now, if you are interested in this work platform, you can start your career in copywriting and set up a business of your own.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be an entrepreneur or have the most enormous budget. I have a step-by-step strategy for building a copywriting business that will work for you. But let me start by explaining what copywriting is.

What Is Copywriting?

What Is Copywriting

Copywriting means writing texts for marketing a business. A copywriter writes informative and attractive texts that have an underlying intention to attract prospects to buy a business’s product or service.

Businesses, big or small, need copywriting for marketing and selling their products. Be it social media posts, website copy, print copies, Instagram and Facebook ads, all of them come under copies. Likewise, global businesses need copies irrespective of their niche and sizes.

If you have a passion for writing, empathy towards your readers, and the skill to sell through your words, copywriting may appear as a blessing to you.

What Do You Have To Do As A Copywriter?

What Do You Have To Do As A Copywriter

Copywriting jobs are now one of the most sought-after career options. As a result, many people interested in writing intend to work in copywriting. But, only a few know the work process and what goes on within the work schedule. 

So, here are some strategic work processes of a copywriter:

  • Obtaining info through intuitive questions.
  • Competition research and analysis. 
  • Setting up a work frame that works for writing most of the copies.
  • Plan every section of a copy before writing.
  • Getting feedback from the stakeholders.
  • Edit, edit, edit.

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How To Start A Copywriting Business?

How To Start A Copywriting Business

Preparation is crucial before starting any business. You need to gather transparent knowledge and formulate a plan that will guide you from one step of setting up the business to another. You need to have a clear idea of each step in detail to avoid confusion. You may want to take a look at established businesses like the highly rated Your Company Formations Ltd, for example, and take some ideas from sites online.  Here are some pointers I’ve prepared to help you.

1. Gather The Basics

There are some basic elements for starting any business. When starting a business, the initial spending may involve buying valuable equipment. So, it is better to stay prepared.

For a Copywriting business, you will need a computer, a website, and a working internet connection. Having a strategic budget will always help. Also, you need to track all of your expenses; this will help you when filing your income tax.

Having a copywriting certificate is good, but if you are not.

The most important requirement is registering your business. Unless you want to face any legal issues, you need to register your business. These are the primary basic requirements for starting your copywriting business.

2. Strategies Your Copywriting Business

A business strategy is always necessary for the smooth operation of the business. You need to have a working business goal, strategy, and proper objectives that help in the long run.

With a definite business goal and an in-depth market analysis, you can aim for an attainable business goal. You need to constantly monitor your competitor’s service rates; this way, you can financially stabilize and safeguard your business.

3. Choose The Services To offer

There are different types of copywriting. First, you need to decide on the services you will provide your clients. This is where your specialization will come into effect. For example, if you are a copywriter who specializes in email marketing copies, website content, or advertising copies, you can target the audience that needs your services.

Choosing a specific set of copywriting services will help your clients and prospects understand what they can gain from you.

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4. Define Your Niche

Which clients do you cater your service to? Ever thought about that? It is crucial to have a particular niche where you have expertise. Various niche businesses want the copywriting service that suits their purpose. If you have expertise in SEO copywriting, you can offer your services to the business sectors that outlook for SEO copies. You can even work for real estate, cryptocurrency, automotive, and technology-related businesses.

5. Build Your Brand Through An Online Portfolio

Now that you have fulfilled the previous stages, you need to market your service. As a copywriter, you need to build your brand. You can do this by highlighting your talent on your online portfolio. It would help to create a portfolio with copywriting examples and showcase some of your best works on your online platform.

It is best to create a writer bio and attach some records of your work with some of the best agencies. You can draw clients to your website by putting up an online portfolio.

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6. Step Up Your skills

You can participate in the game as long as you can play. However, if you want to stay in the game, you need to work a little harder. You may have a certain set of skills. But adding one or two more will never hurt. It will help if you keep updating your writing style from time to time.

Experiment with your approach and how you unfold a topic. Always aim for a style that attracts while it educates.

7. Copywriting Website

It is mandatory to have a business website to sell something. For a copywriting business, it is even more critical. Besides, the social media presence of your copywriting business will help you expand. Creating a website is not hard anymore. There are plenty of website-building partners to help you at a lower price.

8. Set A Price

It is challenging to set up a price for freelance copywriters. When you are new to the business, you need to set up a price that conforms with competitors at the same level of expertise and productivity. Then, you can set an hourly and word-wise rate for the clients to choose the service.

9. Establish A Payment Method

Once you are done with all the other requirements, offer your clients the payment methods that make things easier for them. An accounting system will help you manage the invoicing, file, and record the payments. It is best to offer the most commonly used payment methods online.


There are various copywriting services out there. Make yours the most unique so that you can stay in the competition for a long haul. After reading this article, I hope that you will have an idea of how to create a copywriting business. If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section.

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