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How To Cope With Losing At Board Games

How To Cope With Losing At Board Games

Board Games

Losing at any game is never easy. Your dignity can feel lost as your pride takes a knock. That said, when it comes to board games, defeats can sting just a little bit more.

Where video games often rely on reaction times or leveling up stats for victory, board games often have a more intellectual component. It can often be a battle of wits and character, amongst other things.

Therefore, players who lose can find themselves rattled. Still, it would help if you didn’t find yourself in this pit of despair for long. You must dust yourself off and rise again to face your next opponent, and only full confidence in yourself will clinch the victory. How can you make sure you get back in the saddle as quickly as possible?

Here’s How To Cope With Losing At Board Games:

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1. Get Some Extra Help

Remind yourself that it is just a game. Under those parameters, you can theoretically do anything you like in the name of fun, especially if the board game is more of a laugh among friends and family.

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There is no harm in going outside the game for wisdom. If you can be discrete, you will have an advantage, and an extra thrill may be felt as you play the game with a sneaky twist.

If you are caught, you will at least have a good story, and you and your friends and family can laugh about it if the game isn’t too serious and your pals aren’t too competitive. Make sure everyone has a sense of humor and that you aren’t being a sore loser in doing this.

Of course, tools such as these can help you learn how to master board games too. So long as it’s a friendly game and people know you’re cheeky by nature, you may be able to get away with having some extra help.

2. Weigh Your Chances

Some board games are designed to have only one winner. Considering that certain titles are made for an entire family of participants, losing may be pretty likely.

The earlier you realize that losing is almost inevitable, the sooner you can make peace with the idea of dealing with it. It’s something you will be regularly exposed to, and each new defeat may be less taxing than before.

Set more realistic goals. Instead of winning the board game, play to do better than you did last time. That way, you can redefine your ideas of success within the game’s parameters.

Predicting your loss does not need to be a dour ordeal either. Use your losing streaks to gather data and analyze it after the games have concluded. Where are you frequently going wrong? What tips and strategies can better your chances of winning? Failure can be liberating, permitting you to experiment with different approaches to your play. Lean into that.

Take things further if you are more serious about winning. Read any companion guides that come with the game and browse relevant online literature. The studious approach does not appeal to everybody, but if you want to increase the likelihood of victory, you’ll need to explore every avenue.

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3. Remain Positive

There are things in life that are worth getting upset about. Games aren’t one of them. Staying positive is crucial and something of a life goal in today’s bleak climate, so it’s worth applying that frame of thought to your board game shenanigans too.

Focus on what you enjoy about the board game. Is winning or losing everything it’s for? Is spending quality time with the other players more important? Such thoughts can help you keep a healthy perspective and ensure you don’t think about your loss for long.

Board games are often multifaceted. As with anything else, you’re likely to have strengths and weaknesses. Ask your fellow players for examples of the former qualities. If they claim you have no talents, chalk it up as banter and take it in stride. Laugh at yourself if embarrassing blunders are made. You can even find enjoyment in the negatives!

Look around you and witness other people having fun. Immerse yourself in other people’s joy and embrace that infectious energy. Board games can be fun to spectate when the pressure is off, so enjoy that side of things if you have lost or been knocked out of the game.


There are many different approaches to losing at a board game. There’s the playful and sneaky way of getting extra help in a casual setting, but also more rational and mature responses to adopt too. Whatever route you choose to go down, there’s always more fun to experience, so don’t let losing cloud over that fact.

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