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How Commercial Led Signs Can Boost Your Charlotte, Nc, Business

How Commercial Led Signs Can Boost Your Charlotte, Nc, Business

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Charlotte is the busiest city in all of North Carolina and the 15th largest city in America. It’s a city that is known for its rich culture while also being a hub for several major universities.

As a financial center, it is home to a number of large financial institutions and banks. The vibrant and bustling nature of the city has made it a great place for businesses to operate.

Charlotte is also known to be business-friendly and was recently named one of the best cities for businesses. The low tax rates and skilled workforce contribute to this.

It makes sense then that in such a city, business owners might face a bit of healthy competition. Sure, you can invest in digital marketing and go that route. But sometimes, nothing can beat the allure of a well-made LED sign.

In today’s article, we will look at how storefront signs can be one of the best investments you can make.

Build Brand Recognition Effortlessly With Led Signs

A sign is one of the easiest ways to catch a person’s attention. Humans are a perceptive bunch and tend to pay attention to anything that is out of the ordinary. We aren’t that different from moths, after all, as we are equally attracted to glowing and bright objects.

This is the beauty of commercial signs. They are bright, eye-catching, and can be custom designed to a great degree. This means that if your brand logo or image is particularly attractive, you can incorporate it into your outdoor sign, thereby attracting potential customers.

The process of installing signs is also not that complex, and many companies like Phoenix Signs will not only help design attention-grabbing signage according to your needs but will also take care of site surveys and, most importantly, installation and service.

Phoenix Signs has been in this business for over a decade, but Randy Ulery, the man behind it all, has over 40 years of experience in the field of sign design and making. For this reason and for their quality work, business owners across Charlotte and other areas of North Carolina have become die-hard supporters of their services.

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Maximize Your Advertising Efforts with Low-Maintenance Storefront Signs

When compared to other forms of advertisements, storefront signs make for cost-effective advertising. The only fee you invest is the initial cost that goes into design, production, and installation. Once that process is completed, you essentially have a 24/7 advertisement that is visible to potential hundreds of customers (depending on where your store is) every single day.

Outdoor LED signs in Charlotte, NC, can help speed up the sales funnel process, which starts with awareness and discovery and then moves to evaluation, intent, and finally, purchase.

With a storefront sign in Charlotte, NC, the only costs that you have to bear are the electricity bills and the occasional servicing fees. However, If you are worried about the power bills, then you can’t go wrong with LED signs.

They consume much less power when compared to neon signs, often up to 80% less energy. Since these signs are going to be lit up for long periods of time, any bit of power efficiency will make a huge difference in the long run.

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LED signs also have a number of benefits when it comes to outdoor use. They are far more durable than neon signs and less prone to damage from environmental factors such as rain or hot sunlight.


Investing in an outdoor sign is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of bringing customers to your store. Depending on a number of factors, it can be one of the best ways to broadcast your brand.

A good sign acts as a marker that clearly states, “Here I am.”

By installing a catchy LED sign for your Charlotte-based business, you are able to stand out from the sea of other buildings that likely surround you. Remember, it is that which is out of the ordinary that truly catches attention. If your site permits it, consider an unconventional shape or design.

It is also worth remembering that LED signs are but one option. If you can’t budget for one right now, it can be worth looking at other options, such as plain signs. These can be as effective as LED signs and can also be lit up by external lighting. Ultimately, no matter which type of signage you invest in, you are likely to find it to be money well spent. The ROI on outdoor signage often shocks people, as even a simple one can be effective at bringing in new customers.


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