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Colliers Plans To Boost Growth In East India: Hires Industry Veteran Anirban Gupta

Colliers Plans To Boost Growth In East India: Hires Industry Veteran Anirban Gupta


One of the leading real estate management firms, Collier’s, has hired Anirban Gupta as the new MD for boosting growth in East India – scroll down to read!

A Canada-based ‘diversified real estate professional services and investment management’ firm Collier’s, has caused a flurry in the world of business with their recent high-profile hiring, including some industry veterans and experts. Industry veteran Anirban Gupta is the latest to join the line of new joinees at Collier’s after big names like Anant Bir Singh and Ashwini Sharma earlier in the year.

Why Anirban Gupta: What Is Collier’s Planning?

This Leading real estate and investment management firm has been working on its plans of boosting its business growth for quite some time now, and hiring someone experienced like Anirban Gupta only proves how determined the firm has become in regards to implementing the same.

Gupta’s hiring is one of the most strategic ones so far, considering how Gupta is a veteran with 20 years of experience in asset management, new business developments, and real estate investments. The Canada-based firm has been working on expanding its business growth in East India while strengthening the company’s position in the eastern part of the country.

This is where Anirban Gupta proves to be a strategic hire – the company has planned for Gupta to lead Collier’s expansion in East India. Gupta will head all the divisions of Collier’s transaction business, including office service, data centres, retail and industrial centres.

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Collier’s On A High-Profile Hiring Marathon?

The hiring of Anirban Gupta doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering there have been several high-profile hiring at Collier’s recently. For instance, another notable name from the industry, Ashwini Sharma, was hired just a week ago. Sharma has been hired as the ‘senior director and head of its capital markets and investment services’ team based out at Gurugram.

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