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5 Real And Easy Ways College Graduates Can Start A Side Hustle Online

5 Real And Easy Ways College Graduates Can Start A Side Hustle Online

College Graduates


  • Are you a college graduate looking to earn a decent side income while being in college to pay for your fees and other expenditures?
  • Do you know of some easy and uncomplicated avenues online, which can help you earn $2000-$3000 every month?
  • Have you tried exploring lucrative online money-making opportunities like creating content for social media, online tuitions, etc.?

In a survey conducted by leading financial publications, WSJ found that nearly 30% of all college graduates in the USA were working part-time. A new trend, which was reported, was that there has been a shift from real establishment jobs to online jobs.

This means that more and more educated and aspiring youngsters are turning to digital platforms for making decent money. This has its own set of advantages. For starters, nobody can dictate the timings, the effort required is low, and can be easily done with a dorm room, a Wi-Fi connection, and a laptop. Plus, with things like games that pay real money available online, there are even options out there that could potentially be fun and enjoyable ways to earn a little extra money.

5 Ways College Graduates can earn money online: The List

If you are a college graduate looking to earn while being still in college, this article is for you. Pay close attention as we help you pay off your fees and become financially independent.

We look at every option, from content creation on social media to stock trading and asking experts about the best stocks to buy today. All the strategies and options suggested on the list can help you not only pay off your college fees but also save for the future. So what are you waiting for, let us get straight to the list?

1. Online Tuitions-

Online Tuitions

Established tutors and coaching services are too expensive for average American families. This means that you can become an online tutor by just dedicating two hours daily to a child in some families. This is also very respectable, in terms of a profession.

Teach your subject area from the comfort of your dorm, and accept payments through PayPal or Net banking. You can also reach out to kids in other cities, states, or even continents. This helps you be focused, brush up on your basics, and earn handsomely.

2. Social Media Content Creation-

Social Media Content Creation

There is a difference between being an influencer, and contributing content to a content page handled by someone. While being a social media influencer can be challenging, you can simply be one of the content creators for a multi-influencer page.

There are many on various social platforms. You can create one video per week, display some content, which you are passionate about creating, and decide on revenue sharing. This is simple, easy and if you are spontaneous and creative, you will have no problems.

3. Taking Online Surveys and Tests-

Online Survey

Many of the best survey sites work by rewarding college students for answering market research questions for brands and businesses. They are essentially websites where you can sign up and complete surveys in exchange for money.

However, you should know that these surveys can be time-consuming and do not pay a lot of money. So if you are just looking for some weekend party money, taking three to four surveys a week can easily help you build a decent kitty

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4. Online trading in assets-

Online trading

Many college students are now slowly venturing into trading stocks, shares, and cryptocurrencies. In fact, some of the youngest millionaires in Bitcoins started when they were in college. There is no doubt that college students are sharp.

When it comes to ways to earn money online, trading can be highly lucrative and can help you convert the same into a profession. You require minimum investments, devotion to time, and an ability to estimate and make predictions. Who knows you might walk out of the college with your degree and a supercar.

5. Virtual Assistance Platforms-

Some of the biggest companies in the world work with third-party vendors to assist them in customer support. These customer support companies are always on the lookout for sharp, intelligent, and young employees who can work remotely.

You need to bear in mind, that in terms of time, this can be intensive in nature. However, this kind of engagement pays really well and helps you become a part of a formal industry. You can try this for some time, as learning is exponential. Great for people looking to start their own businesses in the future.


College graduates should always take a dip in different opportunities, for they never know, which one might click. They can also convert this into their full-time profession once they step out with their degree. In addition to the money, there is a whole lot of things college graduates can learn by working online.

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