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How To Claim Worker’s Compensation For Your Back Injury

How To Claim Worker’s Compensation For Your Back Injury

Worker's Compensation

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries associated with the workplace. Regardless of the cause of the back pain, its resulting pain can be excruciating, preventing an individual from performing their duties well.

Workers’ compensation will probably pay for the medical expenses if a person sustains a back injury while working. However, getting workers’ compensation is not as easy as it seems, which is why many people look to discuss this with a workers compensation law expert before applying. Before becoming entitled to the benefits, a person has to overcome various hurdles. When applying for dba benefits, you should have all your documents ready to file a claim as dba benefits provide compensation and medical coverage to employees who suffer injuries or develop occupational diseases while working on U.S. government contracts outside the United States, including non-U.S. citizens.

The most significant hurdle is to prove that the injury is caused by the work and is not due to any preexisting condition.

Even though most of the workers eventually get compensated, some experience that their claims have been denied. The Levin Firm has workers’ compensation lawyers that would help you receive compensation.

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Get Immediate Medical Help and Document the Injury

After sustaining a back injury at work, an individual must seek medical help immediately. Ask someone else to inform your employer. A person should explain the back injuries in-depth without omitting any details. The doctor should send the bill to the employer or workers’ compensation insurance policy.

The Injury Should be Officially Reported to the Employer

A person sustaining a back injury should officially report it to the employer. The severity of the injury should be communicated. The injured employee should ensure no ambiguity or misinterpretation of facts in his or her version.

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Ask for a Workers’ Compensation Form

Ask for a workers’ compensation filling form after informing the employer. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the injured employee with the claim form as soon as the request is made.

Collect the Evidence

It is the responsibility of the employee to gather proof, documentation, or evidence to support the claim. The employee should collect medical records and official statements from the coworkers who have witnessed the injury.

Hire a Lawyer and File the Claim

A person should hire a lawyer to assist in the process of a workers’ compensation claim and file the claim. Hiring a lawyer can ensure that the process is handled comprehensively, which will help the client win the case. The claim form should be handed over to the employer. The injured employees should keep official, notarized copies of the claim form before filing

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Hire a Lawyer


A worker’s compensation claim may be denied for several reasons ranging from employers disputing the incident too late filing to lacking evidence and medical documentation.

Some workers’ compensation claims are settled in court. Considering this, it is a smart move to hire an experienced lawyer so that he can ensure that the employee will get the compensation he or she deserves. Also, the lawyers are aware of the workers’ compensation claims process.

They ultimately reduce stress and lead to better outcomes for the injured worker. In this case, the Levin Firm can help immensely. The attorney and the insurance company will likely wait to deliberate a settlement until the employee’s health has improved considerably.


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