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Should I Choose a UK Based Software Development Company?

Should I Choose a UK Based Software Development Company?

UK Based Software Development

With any amount of software development companies promoting their services on the internet, it is a task deciding which one to go with. It is thought that UK based software development services tend to be of a higher quality. We shall explore in this article how software developers might differ between continents and in the skills that they possess.

How Do I Decide on a Software Developer?

There are various factors to consider when deciding on the right software development service for you. The main one is likely to be the difference between time zones. If you wish to communicate in real-time with your software developer, it is not going to work if the country that they are in is in a different time zone to you. It may mean that there are a few hours when you are both working at the same time. Other considerations might be whether they come recommended, are effective communicators, and whether they seem focused on delivering your software on time.

You will be looking to find a software developer with advanced problem solving and mathematical skills, a knowledge of several programming languages, excellent time management and organizational skills, and accuracy and attention to detail. To know that you have found this is easier said than achieved but can be tested out with some questions towards this area before signing up for any services. There are some skills that are considered widely as being essential for a software developer to possess. Some of these include A knowledge of Algorithms, Cloud, Docker, Github, IDEs, Networks, Object-Oriented Programming, Scripting, SQL, UNIX, VIM. Knowledge of Algorithms includes knowledge of data structure. It is essential that a software developer knows about different Cloud platforms, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Service (AWS). Dockers allow a developer to test the application they have created in a unified environment and to simplify the process of its deployment. An understanding of Git and SVN is required to store code. Modern IDES such as Visual Studio or Eclipses are considered vital for a software developer to know. Knowledge of databases, such as SQL and knowing the concepts of normalization of table design is expected. UNIX has been around as a programming language for 30 years, so is not likely to need to be checked on. A lack of understanding of VIM, a text editor, might have an impact on the textual quality of any software designed for you. So, the above gives you an idea of the questions that you could ask to check the credentials of the software developers that you are planning to engage with. If operating aboard, this will prove that at least you are on the same wavelength in terms of computers.

So, what might make an international software developer one avoid?

Apart from time zone differences, it is possible that a language barrier might exist between you and your software developer. This may go beyond speaking a different language and extend into the cultural difference that is not understood. This is a problem when you need them to understand exactly what computer system it is that you want. A computer system that is appropriate for one country is not necessarily compatible with another, despite it seemingly operating with a universal language. The text that is displayed on the computer system, for instance, will need to be understandable to both parties – the one designing it, and then the ultimate user. This goes some way to explaining why UK services might produce a higher quality product from a UK point of view.

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Final considerations

An article entitled Three Keys To Selecting The Right Software Vendor may provide further help in searching for the right software developing service. In saying this up, it is important to consider that it is sure to work much better for you partnering with a software developer based in your own country. A UK company such as Good core, free from any language barriers, with an understanding of not just your language but that of your computer. A company that will fit better with you culturally, offering you the quality that you expect from your own and familiar location.

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