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Is Target’s Cat and Jack Return Policy Shopper-Friendly? Let’s Find Out!

Is Target’s Cat and Jack Return Policy Shopper-Friendly? Let’s Find Out!

Target’s Cat and Jack Return Policy

We all know Target – one of the biggest retailers in the USA. It’s a known fact that they have many subsidiary brands under their name. One of their most popular subsidiaries is Cat and Jack – a kids’ clothing and fashion retailer. However, they recently made headlines because of their new Cat and Jack return policy.

While many have lauded this return policy to be a great one, many are still suspicious of the leniency Target’s Cat & Jack has shown here.

Are there any hidden catches and “Terms & Conditions” along with this new return policy?

If you have this question on your mind, then you are on the right webpage. I had the same doubts, which I cleared after doing my fair share of research. Therefore, to clear your doubts as well, you should read this post till the end.

What Is The Target Cat And Jack Return Policy?

What Is The Target Cat And Jack Return Policy

According to the new Cat and Jack return policy Target, you can return any products that you have purchased.

But what is the time period for returning such products? One year since the date of purchase.

That’s right, parents. Now you can buy clothes for your children from Target’s Jack and Cat and use them tension free. If the product received any damage that you believe is due to poor production, you can simply head back to the store and give it back, getting a full refund.

The reason why I previously mentioned that this Cat and Jack Target return policy is pretty lenient is because of the warranty period. Now, all Cat and Jack products have a one-year warranty period. If any damage due to production happens in the first 365 days, you can simply return it back.

How To Return Cat And Jack Products

As of now, there are two different methods that you can apply to get refunds, similar to how to return a gift on Amazon.

If you buy from Target Cat and Jack stores, you will always get a receipt for your purchases. However, often we see ourselves losing the receipt after some time. Since this return policy allows you to return products within a year of their purchase, many customers will end up losing their receipts.

Therefore, what do you do if you end up losing a purchase receipt? Will this Target Cat and Jack exchange policy no longer be applicable to you?

Fortunately, the answer is way more forgiving than you might have expected. While most retailers will never take back products without a purchase receipt, Cat and Jack have implemented more lenient policies in place.

So how do I return my products bought from Cat and Jack as per the Cat and Jack return policy? Currently, there are two ways to do so, depending on whether you have a purchase receipt or not.

Therefore, depending on your predicament, follow any of the two methods I have explained below:

1. With Receipt

With Receipt

If you have a receipt, there’s nothing that you should be worried about. The entire process gets simpler this way. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. First, go back to the Target store you bought your Cat and Jack product from. If you forgot where you bought it from, then fret not. You can simply search online for “Target Stores near me,” and it will automatically show the map to the nearest Target Store.
  2. Now, as you enter the store, go to the Guest Services Desk.
  3. Tell the person that you wish to make a return.
  4. After you tell this, you will be asked for the Receipt. If you purchased this using a credit card, then you will be asked for that as well.
  5. After giving these two, they will ask you to wait for some time as they verify your purchase.
  6. After they verify your purchase, you will need to provide an explanation as to why you wish to return the product.
  7. If your reasons fall under their new return policy, it will be approved, and your money will be refunded to your account.

Also, note that it might take a day or two to get the refund in your account. If it doesn’t get refunded to you within the next few days, go back to them for customer support.

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2. Online Purchases

Online Purchases

If you purchased the product you wish to return online from Target, then you need to do this process online. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the official Target website.
  2. Once you open the homepage, click on the Sign In option and log in with your Target account credentials.
  3. Now, navigate to the option My Account and click on it.
  4. Next, click on the Orders option.
  5. Here, you will find an entire list of all purchases you have made online using your Target account. All you need to do here is scroll down to the purchase you wish to return and click on it.
  6. Now, as you open the order details page of the purchase, navigate to the Return Product option and click on it.
  7. As you click on the option above, you will see various listed reasons as to why you wish to return the product. Select a reason from here.
  8. If you don’t find your reason listed here, you will see a text box where you need to describe the reasons you are returning the product. Type it out here.
  9. After you are done describing your reasons, click on the Return By Mail option.
  10. Next, click on Shipping Address and enter your address here. You will now be shown a Shipping Label, which you must print.
  11. Soon, Target will generate a Return Receipt for you on the screen. You must print out this receipt.
  12. After you print it out, stick it on the box of the product you wish to return, along with the Shipping Label.
  13. Now, you must take it to the nearest UPS store and drop the product there.

After you have returned the product to the shipping address, you will get the money refunded in a few days.

3. In Case You Lose Your Receipt

In Case You Lose Your Receipt

Things get a bit complicated (not too much, though) if you wish to make a Target return without receipt.

The only hope for a refund you have here is if you have a Target RedCard. This is a premium membership card that regular Target customers like to have to avail of special discounts and offers.

If you have this card, then all your Target (including Cat and Jack) purchases will be processed through the card. Therefore, you can go to the store and present the product you wish to return and your Target RedCard as well. Then, the Target Representatives will check for your purchase history through your card and approve your return request.


Target’s Cat and Jack return policy is pretty shopper friendly since it allows customers to return a product after using it for a year. Therefore, you can return products even if they’re worn in and out!

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