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4 Things Established Businesses Should Include in Their Office Search

4 Things Established Businesses Should Include in Their Office Search


Are you in the market for a new office? Chances are you’ve been looking for a little while, or perhaps you’ve just started. Whether you’re fresh to the search or are well seasoned, you’re going to need to be asking yourself the same few questions about what it is you want for your business no matter what.

After all, when you’re in the market for a new office space you need to be looking at a range of factors to ensure that the choice you make is the right one. Choose the wrong office space and it can go on to have a pretty serious impact on your business down the line. You need to consider what direction your business is going to be going in, and what your business’s needs are currently.

When it comes to getting the right setup, a key requirement is to find the right furniture to suit your office. You can either go for modular fitments that are easy to install and affordable or you can splurge on getting a custom setup from scratch. It is betting that you try to save as much time on getting the furniture done so that your employees can start work in the new space as soon as possible.

If you choose the right office now, you won’t need to think about moving again for many years hopefully. That said if you choose the wrong office and grow (or shrink) you may be looking for a new office sooner than you want to.

4 Things Established Businesses Should Include in Their Office Search:

Is an executive suite right for you?

Perhaps something like an executive suite is a good choice for your business. A company like Servcorp ( offers executive suite hire for businesses and offers great value for a growing business.

If you’re unsure of using temporary office space, you shouldn’t be. You really need to consider every single aspect of your business before you lock yourself into a long-term contract.

Surprisingly enough it’s more common for businesses to lock themselves into a long-term contract without sufficient consideration than it is to do something appropriate for their business – like rent an executive suite!

Think about the term of the contract:

When you are thinking about locking your business down into a contract (commercial rental contracts are usually long-term) make sure you look at all of the different parts of the contract and assess whether or not this is the right choice for your business. If you were thinking about getting a serviced office or a rented office, perhaps it’s something to consider because they can give your business a lot of flexibility and teamwork to reduce costs in a long time.

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Are you giving the right impression?

You need to think about the space you are looking to hire and consider whether it’s going to give the right impression to your clients. You need to make sure that the office you choose ties in with the brand values and ideals that your business has to offer.

After all, having a prestigious office in a great location is going to give your business a trustworthy front for your clients to see. The decor and overall aesthetic of your business are going to give your clients a certain impression as well. The Google offices are going to be vastly different from the offices at Channel 9, for example.

You want to have an office that’s accessible to both your clients and your employees – while still being prestigious enough to make a great impression. Where at all possible (if your business is small) think about where your employees live and how they get to and from work. A correlation between a long commute and unhappiness has been found, after all!

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Think about the fact that the location of your business is going to be a factor for potential new employees. A long journey might make the difference between an application or not applying. Also, think about where your clients are located, and where any potential clients you might want to get are located. You want your clients to be able to reach you (or them) quickly and easily.

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Does your potential new office space meet your needs?

While you want to think about future growth you need to not rent a bigger space than you need optimistically. Too often companies and businesses rent a big space predicting a lot of growth but then endure a downturn and before long are paying for a lot of empty space. See if you can negotiate a short-term lease and think about getting more space later on.

Good luck with securing the perfect office space for your business!!

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