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How to Build Business through Email Outreach

How to Build Business through Email Outreach

Email Outreach

An average marketer receives and sends hundreds of emails every week. Most of the emails serve crucial purposes like networking, invitations, preliminary introductions, pitching a new product, recruiting, predicting the future of a project, forecasting changes in the market, projecting figures to superiors and so on.

In this avalanche of emails, professionals often need to maintain and follow up on the status of each email they send out. Searching for leads email addresses is time-consuming as well. Email tracking and follow-ups become a key asset for specialists. Manually, this task can be cumbersome, exhausting, and not deliver on the intended results. Luckily for them, several automated tools on the market help them structure and organize email outreach.

In this article, we will talk about one of the newest and most successful email outreach tools, Snovio.

Importance of Cold Outreach in Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

Every email that is sent out serves a crucial function and cold email outreach, for better or worse, is an absolute necessity for every marketing department and every marketer. Some of them will even tell you how one email tool out of a thousand helped them or their company save money by winning a big investment, or selling the first product.

Every successful email marketing campaign has at its foundation, a definitive and holistic email marketing strategy led by an email tracking tool and the strategy is often dictated by the tools of automation that are at the disposal of the marketing team and the marketer.

An email outreach marketing automated tool like Snovio has helped hundreds of marketing teams open up new avenues of a business, project, predict responses, and plan future steps of action. However, the important thing is to ensure that the cold email outreach is not perceived as spam, and if it is, how are you going to know about it?

Snovio: The Perfect Email Marketing Outreach Tool:

There are many email marketing outreach tools that we have used over the years but there is something completely different about Snovio. For starters, we felt that the ease of working with Snovio was considerably easier than other outreach tools.

You do not have to be a tech wizard to understand how Snovio works. Snovio works as a simple web app and Chrome extensions. It does not even require you to download and install it to the PC, and it will never eat up the RAM. It works as an extension, and seamlessly works with Gmail, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Snovio offers a variety of functionalities including:

  1. Domain Email Search
  2. Email Verifier tool
  3. Organizing Email Drip Campaigns
  4. Email Tracking for Gmail
  5. Technology Checker of Websites

An email outreach tool should help you plan the marketing strategy, and support you in doing a number of other things that a standard outreach tool cannot provide. If you are planning to execute a robust marketing strategy, we would suggest you try Snovio once, see and analyze the results and ROI for yourself.

Snovio: Our Top 5 Features:

As I have already written, Snovio is a platform which has lots of advantages. And I’d like to lead you through them.

a. Works with the professional social network:

social network

As we have already stated, we loved Snovio ease of working. It is simple, uncomplicated, uncluttered, and offers clean and efficient results, whenever you need them. We tried using Snovio for a variety of sales and marketing strategies, including recruiting people via LinkedIn, and it worked like a charm.

social network

The ease at which Snovio compiles People’s List is astounding, to say the least. Apart from that, Snovio will tell you which are the active email ids of the recipients, thereby preventing you from sending an email to an address that does not work.

b. Real human support chat:

The practice of segregating emails, between hot ones and cold ones, can sometimes be the only difference between a successful campaign and a non-successful one. The chatbot on the Snovio platform is online 24×7, and their team will easily guide you if you are stuck anywhere (though we do not think you will ever need the chat option because Snovio is really easy to use).

Real human support chat

c. Creating different campaigns:

Snovio web app offers a variety of campaign templates that are free, easy to use and can be customized. This will be of immense help to marketers who have little time on planning campaigns regularly and need support in this task. Anyway, the creation of a campaign won’t take you much time.

You have the option of setting triggers, timelines, as well as adding delays and end goals. You can strategically measure the progress rate of the campaign, and analyze the email drip campaign performance.

email drip campaign

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d. Recruitment made easy:

I had requested many of my friends and colleagues in the HR department, including the Learning and Development department, to try Snovio for recruiting purposes, maintaining lists, and other functions.

One of them called me up specifically and complimented me on the ease with which he managed to maintain lists of prospects with Snovio. He not only said that it saved him time but it is even pretty quicker than maintaining a cumbersome list on Excel. In his actual words, “It is so damn easy”! That is exactly what you want to hear when you choose a new outreach tool.

outreach tool

e. Company Profile Search:

On the platform, you can find any information you need. Companies and Industries can be analyzed as well if you have their basic information. This will help you know more about the company, the kind of technology they are using, and other areas of their operations, including knowing the people who are working there and their email addresses.

Company Profile Search

Snovio: Is It Worth It?

You might be wondering that a tool, which offers such diverse and important functionalities, might cost you an arm and a leg. Some cool email outreach tools are quite expensive.

If you think on the above lines, you cannot be farther away from the truth, as all of Snovio features are free! We are not kidding you, yes, if you want to use it beyond a certain limit, more searches, more finding, and other functions, you can start with a free subscription plan.

If you are in the market for a simple, effective, and affordable email outreach tool, we suggest you definitely try Snovio.

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