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What Are The Best Pens For Journaling?

What Are The Best Pens For Journaling?

best pens for journaling

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

– Created By English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839

A pen is not just for writing. Pen is a symbol of education, culture, pride and heritage. When you are picking a pen for your journaling there are certain things which you must remember first.

A pen is the wand which brings life to your journal.

To write and decorate your journal, you need to take different types of high quality pens. In fact, a perfect pen plays an important role in writing a journal.

Let’s see some of the best pens for journaling. Here, you’ll surely get a preferable pen to write a journal.

Check out the some of the best pens for  journaling.

Best Writing Pens For Journaling Reviews

Here, I gathered  10  best pens for journaling with their pros and cons. Let’s check them out.

1. Vitoler Journaling Pens

If you are looking for the best pens for bullet journaling, this pen will be the right choice. This set of 24 colored pens are great for a student and artist.

Its non-toxic water based formula gives a smooth texture which can go a long way. The pen is itself light. You can use it for hours. However, this is my observation from my end. Every user has different feedback.

Vitoler Journaling Pens

Image Source

Promotes clear drawings.Few of the colors look similar.
It has smudge proof color texture.The slim body of the pen may make you uncomfortable.

2. Sakura 30062 Pigma Micron

When you are looking for  writing instruments, without a micron pen this list of best pens for journaling is incomplete. It is available in six types of sizes in one package. It is a top rated pen for bold writing and paragraphs.

Sakura 30062 Pigma Micron

Image Source

You might ask, “Do Micron pens waterproof?” Yes, even better. When I used it, I never had any issues.

It is best for pen sketching.If you put pressure on it, the nib of the pen has a high chance to break down. 
Fade proof, bleed proof and smudge proof.
Light body and smooth ink

3. Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens

I would like to introduce one pack of 6 unique color best pens for journaling. This brand produces the best pens for bible journaling. I have been using these pens for a long time.

Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens

Image Source

Those who planned a cute border, simple introduction and skip sketch, Mr. Pen allows them to create a great journal.

It provides high-pigmented inks.Adults may not like them.
Low maintenance.
Excellent for long learning.

4. Aen Art Fineliner Color Pen

Aen Art Fineliner Color Pen

Image Source

Wide selection of pens.Every color is not useful for journal writing.
It is safe for children.
Acid free ink will stay for a long year.

5. Paper Mate Gel Pens

This branding pen is best for teens. There are 13 types of pen in one packet. Its eye-catching color can attract users. For this reason, I placed it as the fifth position in the best pens for journaling list.

Paper Mate Gel Pens

Image Source

This brand also produces high quality gel pens. I used this open for paragraph heading and bold points.

You can use it for different purposes.It is not faded proof.
It will increase your writing speed.
Easy to control.

6. COLNK Colored Gel Pen

This eight set of pens provides basic colors to the users. You can use it daily. Its grip is comfortable and light weightning.

COLNK Colored Gel Pen

Image Source

The best thing is when the pen runs out of ink, you can refill it instead of buying a new brand pen for journal writing.

Produce clear ink.Ink flow can be distracting.
You will write smearing free writing.
They are refillable pens.

7. Mr. Pen Felt Tip Pens

The interesting fact is this brand presents rainbow colored pens in one package. Those who want to collect rainbow colored pens, never go any other, Mr. Pen Felt Tip Pens has the collection.

Mr. Pen Felt Tip Pens

Image Source

Besides its color availability, the inks are fake-proof. This is why it is the best pens for journaling.

Colors are perfectly visible.It may seem that ink colors are different from the color of the caps.
You can use it for project, essay writing or drawing.

8. Aen Art Coloring Pens

This pack of pens are two in one product. Children and tenngers like this product. It is the best choice for crafting, writing and sketching.

You’ll get two sides of pens with 18 colors. You’ll use them as per you want. You will color the lar area easily by these pens

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Aen Art Coloring Pens

Image Source

It is an excellent multi-functional pen.After frequent use, the color will be dry.
Smudge free inks.
Its juicy feature provides a solid texture.

9. Tombow 56185 Markers

Tombow 56185 Markers is a set of nine color pens. The ink will go for long days. You can create an artistic touch in your journal.

Tombow 56185 Markers

Image Source

For your bullet journal, it will be one of the best collections.

It has a twin brush feature.Fine tips are not the same.
Acid free inks provide longibility color.
Self-cleaning colorless blender

10. KACO K1017 Gel Pens

I love this set of pens because its matte finishes touch. Ink colors are rich that are the best pens for journaling.

Based on my experience, these are appropriate for long writing.

KACO K1017 Gel Pens

Image Source

Fast drying ink.Some colors are not distinct. 
Matte finish color.
Light weight that helps you to hold the pens for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

You are almost at the end of this article. I have mentioned 10 best pens for journaling. Let’s have a look below at the questions that many people frequently ask.

Q1. Which Is The Best Pen For Writing?

1. Uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen
2. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen
3. Marvy Uchida Le Pen
4. Pilot G2
5. PaperMate InkJoy Retractable Gel Pen

Q2. What Is The Smoothest Writing Pen?

From my experience, I would recommend going for Rollerball pens. Uits smoothest feature motivates you to write more and more. It also improves your writing speed.

Q3. Which Is The No 1 Pen In The World?

The No 1 pen in the world uis Parker Pens. This branding pen was founded in 1888. It is also included in the list of expensive pens.

Final Words: Which Pen You’ll Select?

To write a journal, the pen plays a significant role. Journaling is the best way to document your life long experience. That is why, each color of ink and pen are the media to express your thoughts and feelings in your writing.

This is the list of best pens for journaling.  Let me know which you’ll choose for your journal writing. Ultimately, your style and approach of writing reveal your personality.

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