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Best Hybrid Watches And Their Features

Best Hybrid Watches And Their Features

Hybrid Watches

Hybrid smartwatches are an excellent match of sophistication paired with technology. While smartwatches like Fitbit and Apple Watch may have additional features, they lack the beauty of design and look rather sporty. Hybrid watches are analog devices that look like ordinary watches but contain some features of the smartwatch such as counting steps or calories, heart rate, and sleep monitor. They also synchronize with the phone and show notifications and alerts for incoming calls and messages.

Some advanced hybrid watches allow smartphones to take a picture with a signal click on the watch. They can be connected to various devices through Bluetooth or the Internet. Hybrid smartwatches can operate on minimum internet bandwidth like the one Spectrum Internet offers, you may visit this site to know more. Hybrid watches usually have a small analog screen within the big one which indicates one or more of the functions the watch entails such as heart rate or the number of steps etc.

Best Hybrid Smartwatches Of 2023 

Best Hybrid Smartwatches Of 2023 

Some of the best hybrid smartwatches and their features are discussed in detail below.

1. Withings Scanwatch 

Withings Scanwatch is developed by the leading French manufacturer of technological healthcare devices. In addition to regular features offered by almost all smartwatches such as steps and calorie count, it can track vertical movement and blood oxygen levels. It is beautifully designed and is great for people with underlying conditions as they can easily keep track of their health indicators while adorning a stylish piece. It is a waterproof timepiece with a long battery life of 30 days. It comes in two sizes.


  • 38mm/42mm dial size
  • Heart rate monitor with oxygen levels
  • Activity tracking with an altimeter
  • Sapphire Glass top
  • Activity tracking
  • 30 days battery life
  • 50m water resistance

2. Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR 

Skagen Jorn is for users who are more interested in the quality of the timepiece and its beauty. It has limited smartwatch features which show on its unique e-link display. It shows the heart rate, steps taken, and time/date in a round display on the analog screen that synchronizes well with the design.

It has three buttons to manage the operations and can be integrated with other devices through Bluetooth.


  • 42mm and 38 mm dial size
  • E-link display
  • Water-resistant
  • Activity tracking
  • Heartrate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • 14+ days battery life

3. Garmin Vivomove HR 

Garmin Vivomore HR is an elegant watch that comes in multiple colors and sizes. Though it is not a complete fitness watch, it has more fitness tracking features than most hybrid watches. This makes it a good choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of their vitals while wearing a stylish piece instead of a sporty ornament. Garmin Vivomore has in-built stress and relaxation sensors that enable the watch to show accurate vital indicators such as heart rate, oxygen level, etc. It Is especially useful for monitoring the functionality of the heart.

The major drawback of Garmin Vivomore is its battery life which is much less as compared to other Hybrid watches.


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  • 43mm and 40 mm dial sizes
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Heart rate monitoring with oxygen levels
  • Water resistant up to 50m
  • Stress tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Batter life of 14+ days without smart features and 5+ days with activated smart mode

4. Fossil Women’s Monroe Hybrid 

Fossil’s Monroe watch for women is the only hybrid/smartwatch designed especially for women. All other smartwatches and hybrid watches have rather masculine and sporty-looking designs. This smartwatch has a delicate feminine design for women to adorn. It entails all the basic features of a hybrid watch such as heart rate monitoring, sleep, and activity tracking but does not have any distinctive feature of its own. It is water resistant and has a battery life of 14+ days.


  • 38mm dial size
  • Water resistant up to 30m
  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Battery life of 14+ days

5. Withings Steel HR 

Withings Steel HR is an older design with a steel body. The steel body of the watch makes it water resistant to a higher degree than all the other hybrid watches. It has features to monitor sleep and heart rates along with multi-sport tracking. It has a great battery life of 25 days.

Though its sophisticated design with a double dial is very appealing, the size of the watch dial of 40mm may not be a good fit for all.


  • 40mm and 36mm dial size
  • Water resistant up to 50m
  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Battery life of 25 days

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