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What Is Atmos And Why It’s The Best Call Recording Solution For Your Business

What Is Atmos And Why It’s The Best Call Recording Solution For Your Business

Call Recording

The practice of call recording at one time may have been considered a necessary evil, a drudgery that fulfilled legal requirements, but otherwise wasted company money, But those days are long over. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about why you need call recording, and why Atmos by CallCabinet is the most effective and beneficial call recording platform your company can invest in.

You Need Call Compliance Recording

The original reason companies needed to record calls was to ensure the company and its employees communicated legal disclaimers with courtesy, but call recording and its functions have evolved significantly over the years.

Customers still use the phone to make purchases and obtain support from companies at high levels. Automated help systems have indeed offloaded some of the customer volumes, but by no means is the call center going away anytime in the next century.

Recording calls for compliance purposes is a practice that branches into multiple benefits, which is why selecting your call recording platform should be looked at as an immense added value, not just a legal requirement.

Compliant Call Recording Protects Everyone

Not to sound dreary, but our modern way of doing business leaves customers and companies vulnerable to an increasingly serious list of threats from malicious parties. Data thieves only need a few specific items to steal an identity and spend a lot of someone else’s money.

Typically, a data thief will look for low-hanging fruit, like a customer’s credit card information.

Targeting this kind of data means the thief must hunt inside locations where it exists, and your company call recordings are full of credit card data.

Atmos is an ideal platform for removing vulnerable data from your recorded calls, and it can do it automatically. Using advanced speech recognition through artificial intelligence, Atmos can scrub or “redact” all numerical strings sitting in your call recordings.

While Atmos securely stores your calls past the reach of clever thieves, this additional layer of security goes a step further by making any stolen call data useless to cybercriminals. Just as importantly, this capability makes all your call recordings compliant with PCI DSS. This practice protects the customer and the company.

Reviewing Your Call Recordings Increases Customer Satisfaction

Just as watching the playback of a sporting event helps train the players to improve their game, reviewing your agents’ performance and your customers’ reactions is a profoundly revealing exercise.

Atmos performs outstandingly in this area through its advanced analytics capability. You can use Atmos to filter through your call volume to isolate troubled areas in your customer service department, as well as outstanding agent performances that set benchmarks for others.

Atmos’ flexible filters can customize the way you isolate issues you’re searching for inside your calls. Maybe your call center is having trouble closing calls in a timely fashion. Filter your calls by length and find out which agents are having the most trouble.

Are some of your agents a little too free with their language? Perform a keyword search for inappropriate words and find out which agents need more instruction and which customers should be getting a follow-up call to make sure that they’re happy with your service.

The Atmos platform also allows you to set up fully customizable agent scorecards that let you rapidly work through your call volume, respond to your customized prompts, and score each call based on your own custom set of score weights.

Call Recordings Contain Untapped Market Research

Companies pay consultants small fortunes to reveal the secrets of the customer. Many organizations will send out email questionnaires or use post-call phone surveys to understand how the customer feels about them. The irony in this hunt for the voice of the customer is that your customers are telling you every single day on the phone what they want from you, and they’re even warning you when they’re thinking of switching to a competitor.

The Atmos platform helps you search for competitor mentions, new product and feature requests, threats of cancellation, and even emotional trends across your call volume. Customize the way you use Atmos for your company’s needs.

For example, perhaps you’ve released a new version of your software recently. Inevitably, there will be problems that your customers find for you. Use Atmos to set up keyword and phrase searches for words like “bug”, “doesn’t work”, “can’t log in”, and so forth.

Atmos is more than just a call recorder; it’s a quality assurance platform that allows you to preemptively get ahead of problems before they snowball.

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Data Sovereignty

Increasingly, companies have needed to store customer phone calls within the geographic location where the call occurred and was recorded. This is known in compliance terms as data sovereignty.

Companies subject to GDPR must meet this regulation, but the burden of compliance is not limited to EU member states only. It can also include companies outside the EU that do business with GDPR regulated businesses.

CallCabinet specializes in understanding compliance laws and equipping users to meet them fully. They maintain a vast network of global call centers that allow our users to physically store call recordings in whatever region is necessary to meet data sovereignty requirements.

Why Your Call Recording Platform Should Grow

A good call recording platform cannot be a static application with a “set it and forget it” design. Atmos was designed to hit multiple moving targets and is constantly updated to perform for its user base.

Call Recordings Must be Secure

Security measures must constantly be improved to stay ahead of cyber threats. Atmos hosts your calls in regularly penetration-tested, redundantly backed up global data centers. Atmos itself is resilient and provides its fall-back functionality in the event of a hardware failure. This means your calls will always be recorded and stored safely.

Your Call Recorder Should Adapt to Any Type of Call Center

Call centers and customer service departments are no longer just brick-and-mortar locations. The modern call center has expanded to employ remote agents. Atmos works with every major telephony platform (Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft Teams, BroadSoft, AWS, and many more) and is fully capable of recording your calls wherever they occur, from home-office desktops to mobile devices.

More Business Means QA and Training

As your operation grows, your supervisor’s need to teach new hires may outpace their ability to spend time in training sessions. Using Atmos to identify the highest and lowest scoring calls you’ve recorded can quickly help you develop a hands-on, live example-based training curriculum.

After extensive research, we’re sure that Atmos is the most agile, complete solution for your call recording, compliance, and QA needs.

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