Avoid Going To Jail For DUI Offense

How To Avoid Going To Jail For DUI Offense: By Legal Experts

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DUI offense is a serious crime. If you are caught driving under the influence, you might be asked to pay up hefty fines. The fine can start from $3000, and depending on the charges filed against you; the fine can go as high as $40,000.

That?s a lot, don?t you think? Well, if you are looking for ways to avoid jail time for a DUI offense, you are certainly in the right place. Here we will discuss some of the tips and tricks that you can use in your daily life to avoid DUI/DWI.

Thanks to DWI lawyers in Kansas City, we were able to prepare this list of ways that can help you save thousands of your dollars.

How To Avoid Going To Jail For DUI Offense?

Before we can start with our tips and tricks, you must learn about the body behavior that helps the police detect impaired drivers. Many behaviors are ignored during the daylight; however, the same behavior can cost you police pulling over your car.

In addition to that, talk about your lawyer and discuss the thighs you need to do when pulled over. This will help you behave appropriately in front of the officers.

Now, let?s dive into the tips and tricks you need to know to avoid police officers pulling over and filing charges against you.

1. Keep Your BAC Low:

While you are in apathy, where there is a possibility that you can consume alcohol, try consuming to a certain level that your BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) remains on the low side. Remember that breathalyzers are not highly reliable. Keeping your BAC level under the maximum limit will help you avoid any fines or jail time. However, if you are ever charged, you can seek help from the skilled gwinnett county dui attorney.

2. Eat Food While You Are Drinking:

One of the oldest tricks that we have forgotten today is to eat food while drinking. Today, most people drink and drink. They hardly spare any time for the meals that can go with the alcohol.

Eating food while drinking maintains the BAC level in your body and neutralizes the alcoholic effect. This is one of the best ways to avoid DUI charges.

3. Pace Your Alcoholic Drinks:

Pacing the alcoholic drink is the key to maintain low BAC. keep track of how much alcohol you are consuming in one hour. Keep the number of drinks in check. This will help you maintain a low BAC level.

We can understand that when there is a gathering, restricting yourself from consuming alcohol is impossible. In that case, delay your first drink as much as possible.

4. Attend Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD):

In some of the DUI cases where it was the first time when the defendant has had a DUI, the defendant has a chance to nullify all the charges by attending rehabilitative disposition. ARD is a pretrial program that offers an opportunity to first-time DUI offenders and removes their names from the criminal list.

5. Pay The Fine:

If you do not want to follow all the above tips and precautions, you can simply pay up the fine for the charges and avoid going to jail. Depending on the percentage of BAC, the fine can vary.


The best way to avoid getting pulled over by a police officer and going to jail for DUI offenses is to never drink and drive. In fact, if you feel as though you have an unhealthy dependence, reliance, or even addiction to alcohol, perhaps now is the time to look at attending an alcohol treatment center. If your relationship with alcohol is fine, then yes, you can drink; we are not stopping you with that. But only when you are at home. If you know that you have to drive a car, do not drink any alcoholic products. When push comes to shove, it is better that you hire Kansas City DWI Lawyers to handle your case.

We hope that the article was helpful and you could find the answers you were looking for. If there are any other methods you know, do let us know.

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