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What Is the Average Cost of Solar Panels?

What Is the Average Cost of Solar Panels?

Average Cost of Solar Panels

The demand for solar energy today is the highest it has been. Over the past eight years, there have been 23 times more solar energy installations than ever before.

Purchasing a solar panel system can be intimidating because of its high cost and the act of making the switch.

For many people, switching to solar pays off in the long run and saves them lots of money on their electricity bills. Not to mention it is better for the environment and it increases the value of your home.

There are many different advantages of solar energy. You can learn more about the average cost of solar panels if you keep reading.

The Average Cost of Solar Panels:

The Average Cost of Solar Panels:

The average cost of solar panels varies nationally. You could pay anywhere from around $9,000 up to $28,000 for installation. For the panels themselves, you can expect to pay roughly $3 to $4 per watt.

While the national average for solar panel installation is difficult to name, the number can more often be pinpointed depending on what state you live in and some other factors. Visit to find out more about installing solar panels and to search their directory of solar companies from various states.

The States’ Average Cost of Solar Panels:

Why does the average cost of solar panels vary from state to state? The simple answer to this is because of system size and electricity usage. However, there are a ton of reasons why a solar panel system would cost more in Idaho than it would in Florida.

One thing to note is, solar panel installers will often charge less per kilowatt-hour if you have a very large system.

Often, large systems are found in warm states that use air conditioning in their households the most. This boils down to people in warm states buying large solar panel systems and paying low rates per watt. And people in colder states buying small solar panel systems and paying higher rates per watt.

Estimate Your Solar Panel’s Cost:

Before you buy a solar panel system and pay for the installation, you can estimate how much you might pay by calculating a few things.

You should find out how much energy you use. You can discover this by looking at your utility bill. When you find this you will be able to estimate how much money solar panels will cost you.

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You may also want to figure out how much a solar panel system may cost you in inspection fees, local permit fees, or taxes.

What Can Affect the Cost of Solar Panels:

There are many solar advantages if you choose to install, but a few additional factors may cost you extra. This includes installing the racks that support your solar panels called solar mounts. Also the installation of solar inverters which transform power from the panels into power you can use in your home.

Another fee may come from buying a battery in case you need more energy. Batteries store excess power you get from the day so you can use it during the night.

Do You Know Your Cost?

The average cost of solar panels has a wide range. It is easy to pin down what you might pay by knowing how much energy you use and where you live.

Want to learn more about renewable energy? Be sure to browse the rest of this site.

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