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Key Ways To Execute Automated Regression Testing In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Key Ways To Execute Automated Regression Testing In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is a renowned and powerful platform that offers a range of services and features to address the concerns and requirements of customers.

Commitment to continuous innovation is one of the key facets of Oracle. This is why quarterly patch updates come around. These updates facilitate the new features, functions, and security upgrades across the Oracle environment.

However, directly putting up these updates may impact or alter the existing workflow or functionality. Automated regression testing plays a crucial role by reducing the risk of unexpected results of crashes due to new code addition.

In this blog, we highlight the benefits and ways for the execution of automated regression testing in this Cloud infrastructure.

Understanding OCI Or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

It refers to a cloud-based platform providing different classifications of cloud services, including SaaS or software as a service, PaaS or platform as a service, along with IaaS or infrastructure as a service. It is dedicated to facilitating a high-performance, secure, as well as dependable cloud environment to function with the enterprise workload.

It also offers services such as analytics, storage, database, and much more. These solutions are offered through global network data centers placed at different locations. It offers a range of tools that assist in managing and monitoring cloud resources. Take, for instance, this particular Cloud Infrastructure that allows developers to automate resources by incorporating the Command Line Interface or CLI.

Automated Regression Testing: Perks And Advantages

1. Correct Updates Delivery

Quarterly updates are released by Oracle, and directly installing these updates has a higher chance of breaking up the existing functionality or might result in unintended disturbances. The testing helps ensures these updates are delivered or installed correctly without altering existing code or functionality.

2. Scalability

Oracle Cloud applications are developed so that heavy workloads of enterprises can be managed without any performance degradation. This is why Oracle has been regarded as being highly scalable, and execution of automated regression testing aids the testing and QA team in evaluating the new changes and does not have any impact on the scalability.

3. Compliance

Oracle refers to one of the biggest tech giants in the market, and its applications are used by many businesses that follow robust and strict regulations and compliance needs. Automated regression testing assists in evaluating the existing updates and hence staying compliant with Oracle’s needs.

4. Greater Availability

Oracle applications are designed for maximum availability so that they can be 24×7 if required. It helps in knowing the reliability as well as availability criteria.

5. Cost-Saving

Through automation regression testing, bugs and defects can be identified in the initial development cycle phase and thus help optimize the money as well as the time of the business. Due to this, the software is often released right on time and without exceeding the budget.

6. Satisfied And Contented Customer

Consumers expect software that might fulfill their needs. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation makes it possible to meet customer requirements and construct a loyal customer foundation.

How to Execute Automated Regression Testing When Dealing With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

A. Selection of the apt Tool

Opt for a tool that suits the needs and requirements of your organizational operations, and make sure that the tool you choose can be integrated with its API. For instance, the no-code automation tool is considered the best and enables every company stakeholder to take part in automated regression testing.

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Improving Business Productivity

Opkey is a no-code test tool built specifically for Oracle Cloud applications. Additionally, through Opkey’s Impact Analysis, organizations can know which changes will affect which aspects of Oracle’s environment. 

B. Creation of a Tactical Test Suite

The creation of a calculated test suite helps cover all critical scenarios and optimize cases. Due to this, ordering the test suite cases first can be done depending on the criticality as well as their influence on the system.

C. User Version Control

It is nothing but a list of software tool categories that makes it easier to record changes. Especially those done to files by storing a record of modifications taking place in this code.

D. Virtualization Technique and CI/CD Tool

The optimization of virtual tools, like Docker and Oracle VirtualBox, helps create the virtual environment. Apart from this, virtualization refers to the technique of making a virtual environment of computer hardware or equivalent. This usually ensures that all the tests take place in a safe and isolated environment. Furthermore, the use of CD/CI tools empowers the developers to manage the software’s efficiency as well as its standard quality.

E. Monitoring of Test Results

Regular analysis and monitoring of test cases help identify the patterns and trends related to automated test scripts. Doing this will surely help in improving the optimization areas and test suite continuously.

Opkey: A Renowned Platform For Automated Regression Testing

  • Opkey is the top leader in facilitating this form of regression testing within the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Its codeless automation, self-healing capabilities as well as the AI technology streamline the testing process by eliminating the need to learn coding and programming skills.
  • It encompasses the platform zero-code maintained by the test builder enabling the workforce to build automated regression testing cases.
  • Its self-healing script technology diagnoses test failure and enables users to fix broken tests within a click. This minimizes test maintenance efforts by over 80% and speeds up the entire development and testing process. 

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