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Choosing an AS 4801 Safety Audit Service Company for Your Organization

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Last Updated on: July 8th, 2021

The AS 4801 safety audit service covers more areas when compared to health and safety management systems like the OHSAS 18001 standards. Organizations usually prefer using such audit because they want to show their clients how much they value their employees, stakeholders, and their safety. This audit is also important because:

  1. It provides direction for continual improvement and ensures that the best practice standards are followed.
  2. Every health and safety management system in the organization is verified for safety.
  3. It provides a detail-oriented report that provides insights into the findings, improvement areas, and well-detailed recommendations.
  4. It improves the potential for well-being, workforce morale, and safety performance.
  5. It provides a logo and certificate that can be used to demonstrate the success of the organization.
  6. Overall improvement in the reputation and increment in marketing opportunities.

How to Choose the Best AS 4801 Safety Audit Service Company?

A safety audit is important to be considered to ensure the safety of employees at the workplace and improve the overall productivity of the organization. Usually, the AS 4801 safety audit service company is conducted by one or two people. While selecting the audit service company, one needs to keep the below points in mind:

1. Experience of The Auditor :

The auditor must ensure that the service company should have enough experience when it comes to conducting an audit. This is because safety audit involves some tools to identify the effectiveness of the management program and make an organization a safe place.

The auditor should be able to respect the sophistication of the organization that is being audited and ensure that the company?s staff is not being disturbed while they are working on key tasks. In addition to this, the safety auditor will thoroughly look into all the safety plans and procedures followed by the organization.

If the auditor is not being systematic with his/her approach, it is best to move on and look for the next AS 4801 safety audit Service Company.

2. Qualification of The Auditor :

AS 4801 safety audit service company should have a team of auditors who are qualified enough to conduct this audit effectively and efficiently. If the company is hiding the qualification, it means that they are hiding something very critical from the organization and is not able to conduct the task. The qualification of the auditor can be asked for when the company?s representative visits the premises. Also, the knowledge of the auditor can be tested on how he goes about proposing the auditing procedures.

3. Ability to Be A Team Player :

AS 4801 safety audit Service Company should be an excellent team player. Some auditors while auditing believes that they know everything in this world and tend to undermine the efforts of the client. Auditors should treat this very critically because the service company might lose a good clientele in addition to gaining a bad name in the market. Sometimes the auditors try to over please their clientele.

In order to do this, they have to ensure that they work in a fair and transparent manner that keeps all the stakeholders interested and happy with the entire audit process.


All these tips are very important when it comes to selecting the right kind of safety auditor. Sometimes the gut works out well when it comes to selecting the right kind of auditor. The art of selecting the right auditor is like hiring or recruiting a good employee. Hence, careful consideration should be taken in order to ensure that the right person is chosen for all the audit needs.

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