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How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace

How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace


Millennials make great employees because they offer a fresh perspective, and can drive businesses forward, away from outdated ways of working. Many of them thrive in startups, embrace new technology, are excellent with remote collaboration, and can help to shape a better culture in the workplace. 

But attracting Millennials to your brand isn’t always easy. They come with a few demands of their own. Including rapid career progression, working hours that don’t suck, and a half-decent team to hang out with. Make them feel welcome and present the right opportunities for growth, and they’ll show you a great work ethic. 

Here are 4 ways you can attract and retain millennials workers in your organization: 

1. Respect their work-life balance:

Work-life balance is one of the most important aspects of a job for Millennial professionals. This is the enlightened generation that cares about mental wellbeing. Their health and happiness come first, always. Working too many late nights or missing out on quality time with their family will only drive them away. To attract young workers, make sure you offer fair working hours and try to avoid unpaid overtime unless it’s absolutely necessary. They’re happy to pitch in when there’s an important project, but regularly overworking your team will stress them out and create problems with productivity. 

2. Create a fun and positive environment:

Happiness is key, and the one thing that makes Millennials happy is being around good people. Unlike former generations, this bunch like to bring their personalities and their lives with them to work. So you’ll have to make them feel at home. This means allowing a relaxed dress code (suits and ties are so outdated), and it also means creating an environment where people can socialize. A few drinks after work can do wonders for their morale, and sharing a hangover with colleagues can be a fantastic way to bond. 

Encourage social events, indulge in some company nights out, and allow friendships to blossom to ensure excellent communication. 

3. Embrace philanthropy: 

Business philanthropy drives positive PR, and that can help to attract the right kind of workers. Millennials are often referred to as “snowflakes” because of their liberal attitudes. Human rights issues and saving the environment are things that concern them. So pick your charities wisely and donate to causes that young people really care about. 

Not only should your business donate money, but you should also encourage staff to be charitable. Some of the most successful and famous business leaders are philanthropists, and they can set a great example for your team. Group volunteering projects can also be fun, meaningful and rewarding. 

4. Offer flexible contracts:

Flexibility is key when it comes to hiring Millennials. Research tells us that 70% of millennials want flexible working options, and would prefer flexi-time to get a pay rise. They’re clearly not as money-motivated as their parents, and having a working week that fits in with their lives is hugely important to them. 

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Businesses should also consider remote working as an option too. Create a digital environment where teams can collaborate even when they are remote. Millennials are obsessed with technology, so collaboration software will fit in perfectly with their preferred way of getting things done.

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