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Three Art Therapy Techniques That Actually Work

Art 3 Mins Read May 5, 2023 Posted by Arnab

Opening up to someone, especially about something that?s been bothering you, is difficult.

And, if you?ve been a quiet person all your life, expressing yourself will feel almost impossible to you. However, if you keep suppressing your thoughts till the very end, it might damage your psychological health eminently. So, one way or another, you have to get it out of yourself.

In that case, opting for art therapy might be beneficial for you.

Here, in this article, I?m going to explain three different techniques that can help you express yourself properly and efficiently. So, without any further ado, let?s get started with it.

Technique – 1: Design A Postcard That You Won?t Send

Design A Postcard

Probably it?s a love note that you wanted to send to someone, but you are not really ready for it. Or, maybe, you are angry with something and want to rant for hours but can?t.

So, how do you get it all out?

Well, yes, writing precisely what you are feeling in your diary might be helpful. But, it does not really showcase how you feel exactly. So, instead of that, why don?t you draw a postcard?

There are two reasons behind it.

Firstly, as it?s a drawing, it will be almost similar to coloring in a drawing book. This can help your brain to relax a little and make you feel calm and composed.

Secondly, the design of the postcard and the uniqueness of expressing your emotion will make it much more valuable than normal writing.

Technique – 2: Create A Collage By Cutting And Pasting

Do you have a lot of colorful cards and pages lying around here and there? Well, then, you may also try to use them as building blocks to create a collage.

I mean, yes, coloring the drawing could also work. However, when you make a collage, you are able to literally add a persona to your painting. And trust me, it?d look great!

This exercise might also illuminate the close proximity between destruction and creation whilst encouraging you to take risks whenever needed.

Technique – 3: Draw Something In Total Darkness

stretch of darkness

How does your head feel when you are stressed? If I am talking about myself, I generally feel a stretch of darkness in my head. It almost feels like I can?t think of anything, no matter what.

So, in that case, I color an entire paper black and make it look like what?s going on in my head. And then I take a pencil and try drawing something on it.

The carelessly drawn shapes, patterns, and lines make me feel like I am free. And, the darkness in my head begins to get clutter-free all of a sudden. So, why don?t you try it out too?

Bonus – Splash Some Watercolor On Your Imaginary Bodily State

Lie down on your bed and close your eyes slowly. Now, try to visualize your body as you keep breathing in and out. Then, imagine the action of breathing in to be a color and breathing out to be another. What is it that you see in your mind?

Draw whatever comes to your mind on a sheet of paper and watercolor it specifically based on your bodily state. Think about what these hues mean to use and why they look dense. Think of it being the best and most relaxing self-portrait you?re going to make.


Before I conclude this blog, there is something I want to tell you – art as therapy and art therapy are two different things. Hence, if you don?t want to get confused by these two, it might be best if you could talk to a psychiatrist. They can help you regarding these to some extent.

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