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4 Key Concepts That Are Taught In Arc Flash Training Courses

4 Key Concepts That Are Taught In Arc Flash Training Courses

Arc flash, sometimes also referred to as flashover, is a type of electrical discharge or explosion that results from a voltage phase or air-to-ground connection within an electrical system.

Temperatures in an arc flash can rise to extreme levels, thousands of times more than a human can endure. So, injuries, which range from internal and external burns to blindness, ear damage, and even intoxication from breathing the hot air, are often quite severe. Sometimes, such an explosion can lead to death.

For this reason, knowing how to prevent and deal with an arc flash is crucial if you live or work in an environment with a high electrical energy system.

This is where arc flash training comes in. An Arc Flash training course from a trusted program provider like Facility Results covers key concepts such as:

Identifying The Risks Associated With Arc Flash

Most arc flashes, though accidental, can be prevented or mitigated. Unfortunately, not all employees who work near an arc know just how dangerous the environment is for them.

Being aware of the risks involved is a big part of ensuring safety if you interact with or are around such systems. That’s because a single mistake, out of lack of knowledge, can lead to devastating effects on not just the employee involved but other workers in the vicinity.

However, an arc flash course provides basic training on preventing such accidents in the first place.

Implementing Safety Protocols

Many business owners or company managers assume that staff typically know how to conduct themselves safely around electrical hazards. In reality, this is not the case.

Arc flash courses also stipulate the minimum safety protocols to implement in a workplace with elevated arc flash risks. These standards provide individuals working near such dangerous environments who are not professional electricians with a mental manual on what to do to ensure safety at all times as well as the steps to take in case an accident happens.

Implementing these safety protocols helps minimize injuries in case of an arc explosion.

Electing And Wearing Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

Arch flash courses also teach the important concept of electing and wearing appropriate PPE. This knowledge is essential because for your workers to be safe from arc hazards, they need to don the proper PPE, whether minimal PPE or full-body PPE.

On the one hand, minimal PPE includes gear such as non-melting long pants, voltage-rated leather protectors, earplugs, a non-melting long-sleeve shirt, safety glasses, and voltage-rated gloves. On the other hand, full-body PPE is heavier and more sophisticated gear to ensure worker safety.

Responding To Emergencies

Handling emergencies is an integral part of arc flash training. As you can already tell, arc flash incidents can be hazardous. So, there is a need to have the most effective response to minimize and mitigate damage. Some of the response issues taught in arc flash training sessions include:

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Signs Of An Arc Flash Event

Arc incidents have various signs. These include loud sounds, bright flashes, intense heat, and electrical malfunctions.

Emergency Procedures And Protocols

Arc flash courses teach various emergency response strategies and techniques. They learn what to do immediately after arc flash, including switching alarms on, isolating the power source and electrical appliances, calling emergency services, helping injured people, etc.

Evacuation Procedures

Arc flash training programs also teach essential evacuation measures. Workers are trained on the best routes to use, assembly points, and, more importantly, the significance of ensuring calmness and order during emergencies. Furthermore, they might be taught basic first aid practices, fire extinguisher use, and handling the injured during the evacuation.

Post-Emergency Procedures

Arch flash response extends beyond the scene of the arc flash incident. To ensure such incidents do not happen again, workers are equipped with knowledge and training on conducting post-incident evaluations, event documentation, and feedback. This way, the responders can be better prepared for future events.

Sign Up For Arc Flash Training For You & Your Employees Safety At Work

Arc flash training programs teach essential skills and knowledge that go a long way in ensuring effective mitigation and response to arc flash incidents. For this reason, these programs are vital for you and your employees, especially if you work in environments with high arc flash risks. So, invest in training today and ensure that your business and employees are well protected.

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