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Amazon Partners With Hyundai And Allows Selling Cars On Its Website

Amazon Partners With Hyundai And Allows Selling Cars On Its Website

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Amazon announced that it will allow auto dealers to sell cars on its website. Hyundai is the first company on the list to partner with this. Over the years, Amazon has slowly made its way into the car-buying business. The company is about to launch a digital showroom for its customers to compare, research, and buy vehicles. The end seller on the website platform is the dealer of the vehicle itself.

On Thursday, Amazon said that Hyundai, the South Korean automaker, will be the first auto company to sell and list its cars on The company has been trying to get into the car-buying business for many years. Hence, it has created digital showrooms on its site for shoppers.

Here, the shoppers can research and compare vehicles. However, they cannot purchase from Amazon. In this case, they will need to contact the dealer through Amazon. On the other hand, consumers are eligible to buy car products and replacement parts on

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With the move, shoppers will be able to buy cars on Amazon, but the dealer is still the end seller. Traditional automakers such as Hyundai have complex relationships with dealers that are backed, in many states, by laws that make it difficult or illegal to bypass franchised dealers and sell new vehicles directly to consumers.

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From 2024, shoppers can look at a car on the website, Once they want to buy a car, they will be connected or directed to the local dealership. They can choose with the local dealership whether they want to pick the car up or want it delivered to their place.

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