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Affordable Small Business Software/Apps That Help Cut Costs

Affordable Small Business Software/Apps That Help Cut Costs

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As a Small Business Apps owner, life can be hectic and somewhat stressful.  Trying to juggle clients, HR issues, and running the business itself. Given these factors, anything that can make life easier has to be worth a try. 

Fortunately, in this day and age, many apps and software programs have been developed. These apps have been developed specifically with the small business owner in mind – from accounting software to HR apps.

Affordable Small Business Apps That Help Cut Costs:

All of these apps can help to make life a little easier. They do so by automating some of the previously manual techniques. The other good news is that most are very affordable and can, in turn, free up your business time and costs. So, here are the affordable small business technologies and apps that help cut costs,

1. Crunch  

To create this list, we turned to our friends from the Crunch. They gave us a quick round-up of small business apps that can help cut costs: 

This video conferencing app enables businesses to hold and host online meetings on a range of devices. It is easy to use and provides stable audio and video quality for calls and conferences with clients or remote workers 

2. Wave 


This is a software platform that helps support small businesses with accounting requirements. These requirements include paying employees, tracking expenses, and receiving customer payments.  

It also provided accounting reports for business owners and had a receipt scanning capability. It is accessible on Mac and PCs, with an app for mobile devices. 

3. Proven 

This app is an excellent resource for HR teams.  It allows you to post your job vacancies quickly to a multitude of job boards at the same time. It also enables you to sort out responses to your vacancies and create notes to follow up with people. This is one of the great small business apps that you must know. 

4. Slack 


This instant messaging system allows you to set up different channels for groups of people as well as private messages to individuals. You can also attach files into the chat platform to share with colleagues, including PDFs and images.  

It allows remote workers to stay in touch and discusses a document instantly. 

5. Evernote 


This is the perfect app for keeping all of your notes well organized in one place. The app enables you to keep track of your to-do list and reminders you might need, all in one place. 

6. Skype 


Skype provides free video conferencing and telephone call options as well as instant messaging and file-sharing opportunities. It can be used to call or connect with anyone globally.  

You can also share what’s on your computer screen with others on the call. This makes it very useful for collaborating on projects. 

7. Google drive 

Google drive

Google Drive allows you to store and share documents and to edit them jointly with other people in real-time. So it is perfect for remote teams who are collaborating and updating documents regularly.  

You can create folders that you share with named people or keep private – storage is on the cloud. Given this fact, access to the documents can be gained wherever you are working. 

8. Asana


This small business apps works on the web and mobile devices. It can help to improve communication for teams collaborating across the business.  

It also links with Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox, This linking allows you to see progress on all projects and tasks as well as sharing documents. 

9. Dropbox 


Dropbox is a great way to share and store large files that can’t be sent via email. It enables the storage and sharing of large images or documents on the cloud. It allows you as a user to create joint folders to work in. 

10. Zoho invoice 

If you are looking for a modern solution to your small business, then you need to consider Zoho Invoice. The application allows you to send invoices using multiple currencies.  

The other good thing about the app is that it helps you to connect with your clients using their native language. 

The application is full of possibilities. First of all, it is packed with templates that suit your needs perfectly. If not that, then the app allows you to customize the forms to include any information you find fit. 

Zoho invoice also allows you to investigate some of its features through its free trial option. If you also need a contact management tool, then this is the right application for you.  

The app offers you several ways of segmenting contacts, which depends on the payment status. 

The application also comes with a feedback feature that allows you to view the right side of your clients. 

 If you are worried or concerned about the costs, then you need to know that starting the applications is free of charge.  

Zoho expense 

If you are looking for an accounting solution capable of making expense reporting simpler, then you need to try out Zoho expense. The app is capable of automating many expense management tasks while at the same time, record all financial transactions. 

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If you wish, you can use the feature free of charge for some time. You can use this time to see whether the feature suits your needs perfectly. All you need to do to achieve this is to sign up for a Zoho free trial option.  

The app is also capable of capturing the from your credit card transactions. This feature of the application is handy to most people. You can access this feature at the time of your choice and run it on any device.  

This feature helps you to minimize the problems arising from spending limits and expenditures. This is essential as it helps you as a company owner to streamline compliance and enforce company spending policies. 

You can purchase this app at a single model of 15$ per month. However, if you need more functionalities, you need to make sure you contact the vendor for further assistance on the same.  

Charge over 

This is a cloud-based application the enables you to bill your clients and also collect payments from them. The software is designed in a much simpler way to make it easy for you to use.  

This feature is best for you if your business needs more robust and complicated packages. 

The application helps you to handle subscription billing and any other forms of recurring billing you may have.  

The use also offers you payment tracking tools. Other than that, the app also offers you essential notifications and courses that you can benefit from. 

The applications offer you an opportunity to set it to send invoices and receipts with some key details.  

If you like, you can also set the app to have it charge your customers on your behalf. The applications also accept payments from credit card support. 


There are undoubtedly many more useful small business apps and software programmers out there. These apps can support small businesses in any multitude of ways.  

The way listed above are among the most popular and can be found in many thousands of businesses across the country. 

From making accounting feel simpler to enable easy communication and collaboration with file-sharing and apps The software can go a long way to supporting the efforts of small business owners and making life much more comfortable. 

 Most of the named apps here offer free versions as well as paid versions. Given this fact, there is no reason not to give them a go-to see. This will enable you to see how much extra free time you could gain by automating some of your business processes. 

For remote workers, many of the document sharing apps such as Google Drive and Slack are vital. They are vital for keeping in touch with the rest of the team and allow a small business to be run from anywhere at any time. 

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