Boosting sales is a top priority for many businesses. While you may be aware of how important marketing efforts are at driving sales, you may not be certain which marketing efforts are worthwhile. There are many different approaches that you could take with your marketing, but you need to find effective solutions that give you the best results for your dollar. These are some excellent marketing strategies that you can consider implementing into your efforts.

1. Create Eye-Catching Signs:

Signs may seem outdated, but they remain a popular choice because they work. They catch the attention of passersby, and this includes foot traffic in a mall or strip center as well as vehicular traffic on major roadways. To be truly effective, your marketing material needs to be creative and specific. Rather than simply toss a sign out that has been quickly crafted, spend ample time developing the wording and design so that it is as effective as possible. Remember that the placement of your sign is just as important as the design.

2. Use Floor Graphics:

A creative alternative to a sign is a floor graphic form a company like DCM Inc. These are eye-catching adhesives that are placed on the floors in hallways or walkways, next to displays and in other strategic locations. While vertical space is often heavily used and even crowded with marketing material, the floor space is under-utilized. Furthermore, the right design in this creative location can garner a lot of attention.

3. Run Contests:

Customers love to receive free merchandise and services, and this is especially true when the prize is substantial. Running a contest is a great idea because it can generate considerable interest in your existing customers as well as in new customers. It may even encourage more sales, increase your following on social media accounts and more.

4. Develop a Mobile App:

Mobile App

Many larger and smaller businesses have a mobile app for their customers to download. If you do not yet have a mobile app for your business, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to stay in front of your customers. With a thoughtful app design, you can offer true benefit to your customers through value-added tips, pop-up messages, sales announcements and more.

5. Sponsor a Local Team:

Another wonderful idea is to sponsor a local team, such as a minor league baseball team or even a Little League team. Your sponsorship may be relatively affordable, and it can give you substantial exposure. For example, your logo may be placed on print materials, t-shirts, websites and more. You may also benefit from links to your website. Remember that links can boost your website’s rankings in search engine results.

As you can see, there are many effective ways to bolster marketing and drive sales that you have not yet considered. As you prepare to update your marketing plan, consider how you can incorporate some of these excellent ideas into your plan.

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