We are already in the middle of the February which means that now is the best time to start planning changes you want to do with your e-commerce. There are few trends you have to think about and I want you to check out those trends so you can start your year prepared for any challenge.  Take a look at the trends and make sure you are on top of them the entire 2018:

Personalize your site:

Personalization is always a big plus because your customers will easily remember you if you are different. But, how to be different in a sea of personalized e-commerce sites? The best way to do that is to form a relationship with your customers. Let your imagination take the wheel and make the most personalize call to action you can come up with. That way, you will grab your customers attention and you will definitely stand out. Forget about the call to cation templates and let your voice be heard.

DIY is a must:

Yes, the DIY project is getting more and more popular, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to change your entire business and start from scratch. All I want that you acknowledge all DIY sites and maybe learn a thing or two from them. People are respecting handmade items and if you aren’t in a position to make a handmade product, try to adjust your products to that. Invent few DIY projects with your products and show them to the people. If they are interesting enough you will have a chance to lure entirely different public to your business.

Use voice orders:

Voice orders are the next big thing so if you want to expand your business, learn more about them. Siri and Alexa are the reason for that and even though they haven’t a thing yet, don’t mean they won’t be. Actually, today more than 40% millennials are using voice orders so you could be sure that it will be the next big thing. Ask around, see what it really means and be prepared for the switch to the voice ordering.

Get a Chatbot:

Having a Chatbot is not something new and most big sites who are selling something have it. So, if you want to be a part of the big league think about installing a Chatbot. But, you have to be sure that the Chatbot you will install on your website is not too pushy and that it is actually useful. You don’t want to have a bad quality Chatbot on your site.

Upgrade your advertising methods:

This is not just for advertising; this is for your entire website. Try to incorporate as many videos as you can on your website about your products. Videos are the best promotions because people can see you; you can show them your products from different angles. That will give them better perception about the product which will help them decide if they want to buy it or not.


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This post was contributed by Mark from Foosball Zone. He loves everything related to technology, gadgets, and internet. Most of his free time he is spending playing foosball and learning more about new and interesting gadgets.  


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