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What Is A 2 Week Notice Letter? – What To Include In It?

What Is A 2 Week Notice Letter? – What To Include In It?

What Is A 2 Week Notice Letter - What To Include In It

If you are thinking about leaving your current job, you will need to send a 2 week notice letter to your employer. It is customary, and you will need to do it as you are giving time to your employer to prepare for the changes that the company will go through. The company will also be able to look for replacements in that timeframe. Although it is not a legal obligation for you, it is still an important thing to do as a professional courtesy.

In this article, you will learn what a 2 week notice letter means and how it works. Apart from that, you will also learn about when to offer a 2 week notice letter to your employer. In addition to that, we will also give you an idea of what to include in the letter and how to write the letter. Finally, we will share with you how to maintain the tone of the letter so as to sound professional. Hence, read on to find more.

What Does A 2 Week Notice Letter Mean?

What Does A 2 Week Notice Letter Mean

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A two-weeks resignation notice is your opportunity to leave a job professionally and positively. With this notice, you are providing your employer with time to find a suitable replacement or train another staff member to take on your responsibilities. It is a professional courtesy and, in some cases, a requirement to formally resign your position.

Once you have submitted a 2 week notice letter to your employer, you have officially notified your employer that you will leave the job in two weeks. You are basically submitting the letter by submitting it exactly two weeks before the date when you have planned to leave.

Once you have submitted the letter to the HR of the company, the company may choose to make your position available to your coworkers or any other external candidate.

In many cases, giving a 2 week notice letter is essential, as it is a part of the employment terms. To process a formal resignation for your case, you will need to write and submit the letter. In some cases, you will also get the option to use your saved vacation days as a notice period and leave immediately. However, the latter case rarely happens.

When To Give A 2 Week Notice Letter?

When To Give A 2 Week Notice Letter

As it goes without saying, you will give your 2 week notice letter just two weeks before you have planned to part ways with your employing company. In two weeks’ time, you promise to complete your work obligations and provide your employer with the chance to get a replacement for the position you are leaving.

According to the Balance Money,

Whatever your reason for leaving, two weeks gives an employer enough time to come up with plans to cover your absence. For example, an employer might need time to hire someone to fill the position or need time to reassign your tasks to other employees.

However, there might be situations when you will not be able to provide this notice to your employer, or you might not be able to send notice at all. In other cases, your employer might not want you to send a notice period.

Hence, it is important to talk with your manager or the HR managers that you want to leave before you consider submitting the 2 week notice letter. What if you do not need to submit this letter at all? Furthermore, they might also recommend to you what to include inside the letter.

Despite that, most employers would want you to stay with the organization and will ask you to help with the transition process of the company. This will also be beneficial for you as well, as you will also get the opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism and part ways with the company on a positive note.

What To Include In A 2 Week Notice Letter?

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If you fail to give your employer sufficient notice, they may not have time to find a replacement or train someone in the role. This may result in a departmental slowdown and ultimately affect company performance. The company may then decide not to provide you with a reference letter or favorable recommendation for future employment opportunities.

Hence, it is important to include all the necessary details inside the letter.

Here are a few things that you must surely include inside the 2 week notice letter:

  1. Date
  2. Your Company details
  3. Name and designation of the person you are addressing to
  4. The salutation of the letter
  5. Provide your decision to leave the organization in the first paragraph itself.
  6. State the reason for leaving
  7. Express your gratitude for the employment opportunity
  8. Let your employer know that you will perform the duties correctly till the last day
  9. Sign off the letter with a formal closing.

How To Write A 2 Week Notice Letter? – Tone Of The Letter

Here are a few things to consider regarding the tone of the letter:

  1. Make sure that your tone is positive, regardless of the reason for your departure. Parting on good terms should always be the target.
  2. Ensure that the letter is as brief as possible
  3. Plan it beforehand by staying prepared for an immediate departure if your employer asks you.
  4. Offer to help in the transition process in regard to your position.
  5. Make sure to send the letter to the right person.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of how to write a 2 week notice letter once you have planned to leave the job. By sending the letter to your employer, you are being professional and showing respect. The employer, thus, will get notice to find a suitable replacement for the position or train an existing member.

Although it is not legally binding to offer a 2 week notice letter, it is still a formal practice that professionals carry on as a form of courtesy. Do you have any more recommendations on how to write such a letter? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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