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15 Traditional Sangeet Ceremony Ideas to Stand Out among all

For those who have the sangeet ceremony before their wedding, do not throw the day away worrying too much about the wedding. Not everybody gets a sangeet ceremony even in a big fat Indian wedding. So, if it exists in your family tradition and if you are lucky enough to have the time to host a sangeet function, do it right by selecting the Banquet halls in Pitampura.

How to get it right?

Most tips and suggestions stop at telling you the obvious. Yes, you need to get the ceremony right. You need to plan everything perfectly, and execute them perfectly. You also need to enjoy and not sweat it too much. But what is “everything” and what is “right” and what is “too much”?

Here, you will find the answers to all these questions. You will find the help you need. Your family must be knowing how to do it, but in case you don’t have many active people in your family right now, you will need a little help from people who have done sangeet functions before andhave some Sangeet Ceremony Ideas for you.

Let’s start from the beginning :

You need to take care of the essential elements of any ceremony before you let yourself get carried away by the sangeet performance preparations and the dress you are going to wear.

Refreshments: Apart from the meal that will be served, you need to arrange for snacks and juices that will keep people energized to go through with the entire big evening that is planned.

Dinner: Hire a good catering service that will take care of the snacks and the dinner. Make sure the menu has tasty dishes on it but light dishes too so that people don’t get sick after all the dancing.

Beverages: Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks need to be taken care of by two different group of handlers so that there is no mix-up, at least not one you had planned.

Fun Ideas: The traditional sangeet ceremony is not enough. You need some fun ideas that will make your evening a sure success. This is what we will help you with.

Venue Bookings: If the ceremony is not being held at your house, you need to find a venue that is spacious, and has a manager who is willing to cooperate. Last minute bookings always happen at surged prices. So start looking well in time.

Equipment: The equipment you could need, like sound boxes, mikes, and a working spare set of electrical gadgets, need to be arranged for well in time. Let the venue manager take care of it but keep a tab on the progress.

Decorations: Be smart here. Do not spend too much but make the place look beautiful anyway. Go for lots of balloons and colourful drapes to brighten up the place. Make sure there are enough lights everywhere.

Budget: Though this is listed last, budget is the most important factor here. Make sure you don’t cut into your wedding budget but at the same time, make sangeet function’s food, drinks and games a generous affair. Find the balance for yourself.

Once these things are taken care of, you can devote more time to the function, the games, the dance, and your appearance for the day. Have a group of friends and cousins handle various angles of the event, even if you have already hired a professional group of event planners.

Fun Sangeet Ceremony Ideas :

It is very natural for you to look for different ways and some new ideas for yoursangeet ceremony. Incorporate the new ideas with the family traditions and you will have a successful and fun ceremony. Here are some sangeet function ideas that are bound to be a hit with the family and the guests.

1. Karaoke :

Let sangeet be at least somewhat about the singing than mostly about dancing. Organise a karaoke event to let everybody participate irrespective of age or skill. Insist everybody to be a sport and take a chance. Keep a list of fun yet simple song lyrics ready for the projector.

2. Theme :

Make it a theme ceremony for more fun. You could make it an Indian Idol theme or a Step Up dance movie theme, or anything that you like. It need not be about dance or music, it just has to be fun.

3. Awards :

Have gifts in the form of awards to add to the events and give people a reason to be more enthusiastic about their performance and participation. Give something to everybody. It need not be anything too expensive. The idea is to make everybody feel included. Be it the show stealer, or the wall flower, be it the child who could’ve been bored, or the grandma who can hardly hear.

4. Shots :

Alcohol makes things more fun. Arrange for some yummy vodka shots for those who are into hard liquor. For every child, and many adults who are not into drinking, have some sizzling fruit soda shots ready. By the way, if you want to get people drunk by mistake, this is your chance. Take responsibility though. Everybody should enjoy at the end of the day.

5.Photo Booth :

Not that photo booths are anything new anymore, but it is a must. Organise a photo corner with funky decorations and good lighting. Keep enough space for group photos and some props for funky pics with friends.

6. Video Montage :

Keep a video montage ready to surprise the bride. Make a slideshow of photos of the bride from her childhood with her family, her school and college life with her old friends, and some short videos of special days. It will bring about many silent tears. It will set the mood for some more much needed fun.

7. Fortune Teller :

Get a fortune teller with the tarot cards and magic orb and everything to mesmerize children, or at least confuse the smart ones. Let adults who believe in horoscopes get a real reading. It can be fun for believers and non-believers alike.

8. Mixologist :

Get a mixologist to add to the fun of the drinks. Be it cocktails or mocktails, let everybody have a unique mix. Go for fire shots and shot contests if you want to notch it up. You can keep this idea for the after party with close friends and cousins. Let the kids and the elders go to bed.

9. Games :

Have games like antakshari, dumb charades, passing the pillow, musical chair, and spin the bottle. Have tasks for every round and don’t let anybody be a spoilsport. Include all the children and encourage them to have fun and laugh as much as they want.

10. Dancing Contests :

Let there be two dance battles, one for the rookies and one for the pros. Have a serious dance battle with free style or hip hop moves. Let the rookies try to perfect the Bollywood steps and give away winning and participation prizes to both teams in the form of chocolates.

11. Magician :

Bring in a magician to do some card tricks and disappearing acts to thrill everybody. You could use an outdoor venue to let things get a little spooky.

12. Graffiti Walls :

If it is your house, go bonkers on the walls that need redecorating. You will cover them up with drapes for the wedding anyway. If it is a different venue, bring out huge canvases to stick to the walls. Let everybody go crazy with spray paint. Have the friends with some real expertise show off their talent on a reserved wall. Don’t forget to pose in front of it.

13. Candy Stalls :

Get candy stalls for the little onesto keep them busy when the adults are having too much fun, to give them attention. But limit candy for the adults and give unlimited candy to the children, just for this one day.

14. Food Trucks :

For those who are not much into sweet stuff, a food stall with phuchkas, papdi chat, mini burgers, popcorn chicken, popcorn for real and some more vegetarian and non-vegetarian options is a good idea. Make both, the food truck and the candy stall stand outside the main area.

15. Private Rest Area under the Sky :

Everybody will need a few minutes to take a breath. If it is a daytime celebration, make sure there is an indoor cool space for people to sit back and relax for a while. If it is an evening event, lay out some chairs under the sky at a distance from the crowd but close enough to the beverage and food truck.

If you pull off these sangeet ceremony ideas well, every guest will love the day and will appreciate your thoughtful efforts. Plan ahead and get enough helping hand so that you too can enjoy the day.

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