Direct selling companies usually face problems as they start climbing the success ladder. So, when you pace ahead as an MLM consultant, you are bound to face many problems in the realm of network marketing.  You can go through the list compiled below and skim through the guidelines that would offer a solution.


As you plan to grow the business, it might be tough to recruit the right kind of people. You would only be sure when you interact with the individual and check how much serious he is with the business. But, if you need to encourage him to move ahead, then you shouldn’t hesitate to impart training. At any point of time, you should also offer a fair amount of sales-based compensation. A fast start program would surely help when you have recruited a bunch of individuals.

Sales Productivity

In case people are new to the direct selling business, then you should teach them some tactic to sell products. Over a period of time, you can reward them with a compensation plan and felicitate them with awards. This actually works to boost income and build enthusiasm within the network.


As the network keeps on growing, you shouldn’t fail to motivate people. This work towards retaining individuals and help them improve their skills in the long run. You can take the initiative of running a retention campaign or strengthen relationships through relevant and frequent communication.

Product awareness

As you prepare for training sessions, ensure that you have presented the salient features of products. Besides, you should emphasise on product packaging and conduct product promotions time and again. It’s always better to form a group online which would aid you to post amazing offers when festive seasons are approaching soon.

Product availability

In case customers are not willing to use the products, then you should be well prepared. Apart from reducing backorders, you should communicate the status. Moving ahead, you should be ready to offer product substitutions whenever the need arises.


As someone places an order through the online portal, then you should never delay in dispatching the items. Any errors or discrepancies should be reported at the earliest. As mentioned earlier, you should always use attractive packaging and insert ‘spotlights’ for recognizing the individual representative achievements.


Never adhere to a single approach while training people. Instead, use multiple mediums for training representatives. At the end of each session, you can pass on scripts so that the representatives can train others. In case you are about to deliver a presentation, then you should remember to invite representatives.

Leadership Development

As you host leadership development programs, you should set aside certain goals and make a comparison. With the passage of time, compensation plans and recognition programs would also help you recognize leaders for their achievements.


Be meticulous in case you decide to select a software provider. See to it that you replace providers who can’t offer services as per your expectations. Reconsider someone else if the provider doesn’t respond t your requirements immediately.

Measure the business

Finally, you should use metrics for measuring business growth. Work on strategies to meet the industry average.  Follow the step only when you have compared the data with industry averages

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